On the origin of Hobbits: Part one

— James P. Buchman

15 January 2021 | Amon Hen, № 287: January, 2021, 20

In the second chapter of The Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf says, “… about their origins, at any rate, I know more than hobbits do themselves” (LRC §1.02.110). But he does not share that knowledge, nor do any works within the legendarium explicitly state how the race of Hobbits came to be. This is a notable exception to the origin stories of most other sentient races which people Middle-earth. 

Elves and Men were first conceived as themes in the Music of the Ainur before the world was created, Dwarves were fashioned by Aule before even the awakening of the Elves, and given life by Illuvatar, Ents were devised by Nienna as protectors of the trees, also early in the First Age, Orcs were made by Morgoth in the First Age, in mockery of Elves; and Trolls were made about the same time, in mockery of Ents, Dragons were devised by Morgoth during the wars with the Noldor in the First Age, and the Great Eagles were enlisted early on to the service of Manwe, by whose agency they learned speech and gained intelligence.…

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