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Amon Hen № 292: December, 2021
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№ 292: December, 2021

21 December 2021

In this issue: 3 articles, 1 editorial, 6 notes.


From the editor’s desk

Mathew Suta, p. 2

Hello everyone! I wanted to use the editorial this time to help somebody out. One of our members, Mackenzie, is looking for an older publication: Leaves from the Tree: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Shorter Fiction, edited by Trevor Reynolds, 1991. If any of you have a copy laying around you’re willing to part with, please contact Mackenzie at .…


Tolkien and Robin Hood

Bob Blackham, p. 6

I thoroughly enjoyed Middle-earth and the Legend of Robin Hood by Alex Voglino in Amon Hen 284. However, I think that Tolkien came across Robin Hood in his childhood days while living at 5 Gracewell Cottages in the little hamlet of Sarehole, 1896 to 1900. The reason for this is that Wake Green Road, on which 5 Gracewell Cottages stands, runs down to Sarehole Farm at which point it is joined by Robin Hood Lane at a ford in the River Cole.…

Reunited at last: The Aubusson Moria Gate Tapestry

Denis Bridoux, p. 10

On Friday October 22nd 2021, Moria Gate, the latest Aubusson Tapestry, was presented to the public in the presence of Christopher Tolkien’s widow, Baillie Tolkien. It is the 12th in an ongoing series which will contain at least 16 pieces, one of which is a Númenórean carpet.

Commenting on the tapestry, Baillie expressed her delight at seeing the piece whole, as it officially reunited for the first time, two sections of the artwork which had once been thought to be separate. She quoted from her husband’s text.…

Speculation on the origins of the Forsaken Inn

Sebastián Alejandro Freigeiro, p. 15

This speculative article seeks to shed some light upon the history of the Forsaken Inn and its relationship with Bree within the Secondary World Professor J.R.R. Tolkien so masterfully created. The existence of the Forsaken Inn is first revealed when Aragorn, Frodo and Merry reach the summit of Amon Sûl: …


Dating Tolkien № 2

Mick Henry, p. 5

Welcome to the second look into the co-incidental, or not, world of Tolkien and dates. In response to my first piece, Felicity Collins suggested the date of 29th September, which I am very pleased to take up.

On this day we all know that Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, Elrond & Galadriel departed Middle Earth from the Grey Havens and their lives ended… but not quite maybe! …

Tolkien treasury № 4

Andy Bird, p. 22

There is more to Tolkien collecting than you might think. The obvious area is books, and there are lots of publications, articles and websites exploring that. However, there is a surprisingly large and complex world of other Tolkien areas to collect, and once you become hooked, you will find that it is normally a lot more complex and larger than you could imagine. You are now drawn into the area, and it becomes obsessive, the desire for completeness draws you in more and more, until your collection … is my precious”.

To illustrate this, let’s have a brief delve into the small” area of Tolkien Stamps. At its basic level, Tolkien stamps is quite small. There have been officially* only 11 sets of stamps published in various countries around the world and a further 3 individual Tolkien related stamps within other, not Tolkien specific, sets.…

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