Das Tolkien Seminar

    The Tolkien Seminar is the interdisciplinary and international Tolkien conference of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft, a registered charity. Starting in 2004 it has taken place at various universities throughout the country with annually changing topics placing an emphasis on the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien, CBE.

    Talks given at the Tolkien Seminar are usually published in the society’s academic yearbook, Hither Shore. The conference is open to the public but is led by academic standards. Reviews and information on earlier seminars is available on our website.



    2022: Space and time in Tolkien’s work

    18th Tolkien Seminar

    As can be seen from many of the texts recently published in the volume The Nature of Middle-earth (2021; edited by Carl Hostetter), Tolkien extensively studied the different aspects of the space- and time-continuum. He did so often in order to give his subcreated world a cohesive and coherent temporal and spatial framework. Therefore, aspects belonging primarily to the field of worldbuilding’ will be one aspect to be explored. However, we also want to encourage participants to investigate the narrative effects of space and time.

    The seminar aims at bringing together researchers from various disciplines in order to explore the theoretical foundations and the literary mise-en-scène of the time-space continuum in Tolkien’s work.

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