International Medieval Congress

IMC 2021: Climate

28th annual International Medieval Congress

Earth, water, wind, light: Aspects of physical and spiritual climate in the poems of the Pearl-poet

7 July 2021 15:30 utc — view in local time

The papers in this session address, severally and collectively, the nature and imaginative reach of the Pearl-poet’s treatment, in Middle English, of humanity’s encounters with the environment, and all consider aspects of the poems’ descriptive art. For Jane Beal, the topos of a waterside encounter in Pearl illuminates our understanding of Tolkien’s artistry. Mickey Sweeney considers how Sir Gawain’s representation of the fertile land yields new insights into perceptions of the environment and human experience across the genres of history and romance, while Ashley Bartelts work addresses how, in the poet’s work, the weather registers deeper moral and spiritual assaults on a vulnerable humanity.


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