José Manuel Ferrández Bru
José Manuel Ferrández Bru

José Manuel Ferrández Bru


  • independent scholar

José Manuel has been involved during the last thirty years in tasks of dissemination and research on Tolkien’s life and work, first as founder and first chairman of the Tolkien Society of Spain and subsequently publishing numerous articles and essays. In 2013 he published in Spain La Conexion Española de J.R.R. Tolkien, Editorial Csed, which was republished in Spanish and first time published in English in 2018 by Luna Press Publishing, as well as in Italian by Terra Santa Edizioni with the title J.R.R. Tolkien and Francis Morgan. A family saga. In parallel, his essays have been published in specialized publications such as Estel (Tolkien Society of Spain), Mallorn (Tolkien Society), and Tolkien Studies (West Virginia University Press).

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