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I am Kevin P. Edgecomb, BA University of California at Berkeley, MDiv Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, MPhil University of Oxford. I intend to be adding DPhil or PhD to that list at some point.…

My primary interest is textual criticism, particularly in the Old Testament”, with a special focus on the Greek books of Kingdoms (Samuel and Kings), and the fascinating interrelationship of its Old Greek, Kaige, and Lucianic texts. My fascination is liberal, extending to the other ancient works surviving from antiquity as biblical or parabiblical literature. In addition, I find a subset of liturgical studies quite fascinating: lectionaries. Lectionaries were some of the first things I posted on my website, before it was bombaxo and long before it was the blog biblicalia. Selected other subjects of interest, in no particular order, are: ancient near eastern studies, classics (more Greek than Latin in enjoyment and preference), Williams Blake and Shakespeare, Byzantine liturgical texts (especially menaia), esoterica (Hermetica, apophaticism, hesychasm, Jung), various patristic writers (generally eastern), the extended pre-Raphaelite circle, and well-designed and well-constructed things (books, art, clothing, buildings, etc). I also really like coffee.…

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