Mythcon 51: A virtual Halfling” Mythcon

51st annual Mythcon

Session 1

31 July 2021 17:00 utc — view in local time


    № 3: Cities and strongholds of Middle-earth I: A panel

    Cami D. Agan, Professor of Language and Literature, Oklahoma Christian University; Birgitte Breemerkamp; Nicholas B. Birns, Adjunct Instructor, Center for Applied Liberal Arts, New York University; Marie Bretagnolle; and Robin Anne Reid, independent scholar

    The Cities and Strongholds of Middle-earth panels bring together seven of the chapters to appear in the upcoming volume of the same name from MythPress. The volume explores the habitations of Middle-earth across the ages, as well as the cultures responsible for those built structures. Presenters will briefly explain their chapters in order to leave plenty of room for discussion.

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