I’ve been in love with professor Tolkien’s Middle-earth since 2002 after I saw Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Both the literature and the movies affected me greatly, even on the choice of my career. 

I had been doing a boring job for 4 years since 2008, but then a chance of re-reading The Hobbit hit me. Just like Bilbo Baggins, I needed an adventure. As someone who always loved drawing, I applied for a master course in illustration in Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. In that year, I also had the luck to travel to New Zealand for two weeks and even luckier to meet Thorin Oakenshield and Bard themselves in London. It was a year that many dreams of mine fulfilled and proved that your passion could lead you somewhere you had never imagined.

In 2014, I was chosen as one of the 75 winners of The Hobbit Fan Fellowship, traveled to New Zealand again and met Sir Peter Jackson.

In 2015, after successfully graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, I returned to Shanghai, working as an art educator.

But I never stopped creating illustrations for Middle-earth and have been exploring new forms to depict my own version of Tolkien’s world.

In 2019, I was very honored to translate one of John Howe’s books (Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe) into Chinese.…

The road goes ever on and on… I will follow wherever it leads.

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