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Richard Rohlin is a husband, father of four, data analyst, and amateur philologist living in Grand Prairie, Texas. He is currently in the final semester of pursuing his graduate degree in English Literature and Language from Signum University with a concentration in Germanic philology, producing a new critical edition and translation of the Old Norse poem Hervararkviða.” A lover of ancient languages, he teaches a Latin class for adults out of his home, and is currently working on a translation of Vergil’s Aeneid. His essay Masters of fate: The men of the Silmarillion” has been published in Forgotten leaves: Essays from a Smial. He also co-authored Do elves dream of immortal sheep?” in A Wilderness of Dragons, a festschrift in honor of Verlyn Flieger. His other hobbies include traditional archery and bowyery, tabletop gaming, conlanging, poetry, and Medieval theology. He also blogs short philological notes.

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