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16 August 2021 | TolkienistsErik Mueller-Harder

Welcome to Tolkienists! The site just re-launched a few days ago — reëngineered and rewritten from the ground up specifically to serve the community of Tolkien scholars, Tolkien scholar-fans, and Tolkien fan-scholars.

I’m scrambling to catch up” with data entry of very recent conferences and journals in particular, and with notices of upcoming events and calls for papers. I can’t list all of the things that are being added here, but within a week or two I hope we’ll be listing all Tolkien-related conferences (including each individual paper and author) of 2021, as well as all articles in Tolkien-related journals of 21, and most Tolkien-related articles appearing in other journals, and all current calls for Tolkien-related papers for journals, books, and conferences.

In addition, I’m gradually building out some of the static” bits of the site. The Colophon, for example, now has its first main section (“History”), and also includes (at the bottom) a colorful summary of how many people, papers, blog entries, and so forth the site is currently listing.

It’s back to work for me, then, but … Morannon!


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