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Front cover of Amon Hen #288
Amon Hen № 288: April, 2021
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№ 288: April, 2021

15 April 2021

In this issue: 4 articles, 1 editorial, 6 notes.


From the editor’s desk

Mathew Suta, p. 2

Welcome to another issue of Amon Hen. We have been working hard to find engaging articles, lyrical poetry and beautiful art to fill our pages, working with Tolkien fans on social media to spark interest in our humble bi-monthly bulletin”.

Amon Hen has changed a lot since its original inception as The Tolkien Society Bulletin in 1970, then Anduril in 1972, to finally find its current name just a few months later. Amon Hen was conceived in a world without internet, without email, and without the easy access to information we have today.…


On the origin of Hobbits: Part two

James P. Buchman, p. 10

In Part One of this paper I presented the theory that Hobbits are the descendants of Entwives. Please find it in Amon Hen #287.

Consider the many references in the text of The Lord of the Rings which hint at characteristics shared between Hobbits and Ents: …

Tolkien and the Hobbit calendar: Shire reckoning!

Mick Henry, p. 20

Back in 1993, when I was firmly past my coming of age,” I was brash enough to write a piece for Amon Hen. The article The Hobbit Calendar” appeared in issue 122 suggesting that Tolkien had used the calendar for 1932 when he wrote The Hobbit. There issue rested apparently until John D. Rateliff in his History of the Hobbit, Part One, chose to mention my idea on page 84. I was surprised, if not slightly amazed to see myself referenced, but on looking closer, I could see that Rateliff and I had disagreed about dates.…

Mount Doom and the One Ring

Steven Gibb, p. 22

How was it known where the One Ring could be destroyed? How could anyone know this before attempting to destroy it? It is assumed throughout The Lord of the Rings that Mount Doom was the only place where Sauron’s Ruling Ring could be unmade. Who knew this? Was Sauron aware of this? I take a look what the text tells us about the One Ring and its unmaking.…

Revisiting Lord of the Rings Online

Joseph Friesen, p. 25

I am an avid fan of all things Tolkien. In a monthly journal dedicated to celebrating his life and works, I don’t feel the need to describe why. It is likely similar to the reasons any reader of this article have for adoring The Professor.

I am also an avid consumer of media. Since childhood, nothing has pleased me more than to make myself comfy and experience artistic output from others. I began as a lover of children’s books and Saturday morning cartoons. As I grew older, my love shifted towards novels, mature television, music, and cinema – most of all anything related to the Tolkien universe.…


Tolkien treasury № 1

Chad High, p. 6

This running column will seek to shine a light on the world of collecting Tolkien books, books about Tolkien, and other Tolkien related items. A thank you to Mat Suta for helping get this column started and a very big thank you to Jeremy Edmonds, and Lance Schnatterly for all of your help, a wealth of knowledge unequaled.

Collecting Tolkien items is never ending, those who have decided to go on this adventure know that we will never finish it. There will always be something that we don’t have, can’t find at the moment or something new that we would like to have. Whether we are a completist” or a specialist,” meaning we either want a copy of every publication/​edition or we want specific editions, printings, or copies, collecting can be extremely rewarding while, at the same time, slightly frustrating. The feeling we get when we find the exact right item for the exact right price, all the way through the unboxing, is one that we cherish and that we continue to chase. To achieve that moment, it may take months or even years of researching, searching, and negotiating to find the right circumstances to acquire that item, while at the same time competing with a seemingly ever growing market of Tolkien collectors. I collect books and my experience is limited to this branch of collecting. We hope to include other collector’s voices from a variety of areas in future issues of the column.…

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