Tol Fuin: Sanctuary for evil and the final resting place of Sauron’s broken spirit

— Cameron Kenneth Miller

23 October 2021 | Amon Hen, № 291∶ October, 2021, 10

Tol Fuin, a small island North-East of the Grey Havens, is the last remaining piece of Morgoth’s realm to stay above the ocean through the Second Age and beyond. Tol Fuin is alone but for two small neighbours, the likely desolate Tol Morwen where lies the Stone of the Hapless^1, and Himling, the mountain island where Maedhros once ruled form his fortress on Himring before the Nirnaeth Arnoediad^2. Together the three are known as the Western Isles. When Morgoth fell, the forces of evil, the forces of good, the forces of nature, and those that are other, were all forced to flee the land around Utumno as the sea crept in, forever changing the coast of Middle-earth.…

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