Janet Brennan Croft, editor

Phillip Fitzsimmons, Archivist; Verlyn Flieger, Editorial board member; Charles Huttar, Editorial board member; Peter J. Schakel, Editorial board member; John William Houghton, Editorial board member; Douglas A. Anderson, Editorial board member; Donna White, Editorial board member; Christopher T. Vaccaro, Editorial board member

Mythlore was founded in 1969 by the late Glen GoodKnight, founder of the Mythopoeic Society. He edited its first 84 issues, with the exception of issues 18 – 23, which were edited by Gracia Fay Ellwood. In its early years, Mythlore was a fanzine” that, in addition to scholarly articles, columns, and book and media reviews, included a great deal of art work, poetry, and other creative work. Over the years, the articles became more and more exclusively scholarly, and the creative work and fiction reviews moved to sister publications like Mythprint and Mythic Circle. When Dr. Theodore Sherman of Middle Tennessee State University assumed the editorship with issue 85 in 1999, Mythlore completed its transformation into a refereed scholarly journal publishing only articles and reviews. At that time, its format also changed from 8½” x 11” to 6½” x 9”. Janet Brennan Croft, currently of the University of Northern Iowa, became editor in 2006 and switched to a double-issue format. The journal was published in two double issues per year, in approximately April and November through Spring 2013. In Fall 2013 the double issue numbering was dropped and electronic subscriptions became available for individuals.

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