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headshot of Maria Dahvana Headley and front cover of her <span class="push-double"></span>​<span class="pull-double">“</span>Beowulf”
Maria Dahvana Headley’s Beowulf

The tricky art of translation and Maria Dahvana Headley’s modern Beowulf } CD Covington

… There are a lot of specific types of alliteration used in Germanic verse, which I won’t go into, but there’s a nice Wikipedia article on it if you’re interested. But here are the highlights: The first stressed syllable will alliterate with another stressed syllable in the same half-line and with one or two in the subsequent half-line. There can be more alliteration in a line than this, and it may also go across lines, but there will always be at least one alliterated syllable on each half-line. Modern English speakers still find alliteration pleasing and poetic, and we still use it, but not in the same way as Germanic alliterative verse. [Side note: all of Tolkien’s songs of the Rohirrim are in alliterative verse. Dude knew what he was about.] …

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