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Timely information for scholars and fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works, including not only The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but also his entire legendarium” of Silmarillion-related writings, as well as his own academic works including editions and translations of Beowulf, Sir Orfeo, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Ancrene Wisse, as well as On Fairy Stories and many others.

  Full-text search

7 January 2022 | Erik Mueller-Harder

Tolkienists​.org now includes full site searching! It’s still a first pass, but it’s an honest-to-goodness search function for the entire site. It’s conveniently available from the navigation panel (on the left of your screen if you have a wide-ish display (computers, tablets in landscape) and at the bottom of the page if you have a narrow-ish display (smart phones, tablets in portrait). I’ll be fine-tuning it over the next few days or weeks, but I’m so happy to finally have it basically working for you all!

The thumbnail images that accompany many of our posts should also be a bit better behaved, and will now usually include captions.

I’ll be continuing to work through the backlog of 2021 while keeping up with 2022. I hope you’re finding the site more and more useful as it begins to be as comprehensive as I’ve envisioned it.…

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  Happy 130th, J.R.R. Tolkien!

3 January 2022 | Erik Mueller-Harder

Happy New Year to all, and many happy returns on this, J.R.R. Tolkien’s 130th birthday!

To celebrate, Tolkienists is pleased to announce that all 2021 peer-reviewed articles, standard articles, reviews, notes, and editorials from Journal of Tolkien Research, Mallorn, Mythlore, and Tolkien Studies are listed and cross-referenced, as too are most 2021 issues of Beyond Bree.

It’s my hope over the next week or so to finish up the 2021 publication backlog (the rest of Beyond Bree all issues of Amon Hen and The Journal of Inklings Studies), as well as start whittling away at blog posts, news articles, calls for papers, past conference papers, future conference schedules, and book releases.

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  Site refreshment

28 December 2021 | Erik Mueller-Harder

I would like to wish all of our visitors a cathartic and cleansing end to 2021, and a healthy, restorative, and prosperous 2022.

I’d also like to apologize for the recent lack of updates to Tolkienists. In stark contrast to much of the news of 2021, the recent moribund nature of the site is due to an exciting Tolkien-related project capturing most of my time and attention. More information can be found on two recent Facebook posts recently posted by J R R Tolkien Collection — Marquette University Libraries. I’ve republished them on Tolkienists here and here.

But you can expect major updates to our listings at the beginning of the new year, and it is absolutely my intent to then continue daily updates in perpetuity.

In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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  Further updates

19 August 2021 | Erik Mueller-Harder

I’ve just rolled in quite a few small changes (improvements, I hope!) to Tolkienists, as well as adding recent blog entries from several of our more prolific bloggers.

Most evident of the improvements, probably, will be improved entries for schools and universities, as well as the beginnings of the books module. Take a look at Catherine McIlwaine Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth for an example of where we’re going with this — though ultimately I plan to include more reference information (links to relevant pages at LibraryThing, Open Library, WorldCat, &c) and purchasing links as well.

There’s lots more coming. I’m just getting started!

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  Site updates

16 August 2021 | Erik Mueller-Harder

Welcome to Tolkienists! The site just re-launched a few days ago — reëngineered and rewritten from the ground up specifically to serve the community of Tolkien scholars, Tolkien scholar-fans, and Tolkien fan-scholars.

I’m scrambling to catch up” with data entry of very recent conferences and journals in particular, and with notices of upcoming events and calls for papers. I can’t list all of the things that are being added here, but within a week or two I hope we’ll be listing all Tolkien-related conferences (including each individual paper and author) of 2021, as well as all articles in Tolkien-related journals of 21, and most Tolkien-related articles appearing in other journals, and all current calls for Tolkien-related papers for journals, books, and conferences.

In addition, I’m gradually building out some of the static” bits of the site. The Colophon, for example, now has its first main section (“History”), and also includes (at the bottom) a colorful summary of how many people, papers, blog entries, and so forth the site is currently listing.

It’s back to work for me, then, but … Morannon!


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  Welcome to the new Tolkienists site!

10 August 2021 | Erik Mueller-Harder

This site has been designed and coded from the ground up by, well, me to serve as an up-to-date central repository for everyone interested in the field of Tolkien studies. Most of the site construction is now complete — but data entry is more complicated: …

Journal issues

The field of Tolkien studies has never been richer, with three English-language journals specializing in peer-reviewed articles directly related to Tolkien himself, at least two more focussing on the Inklings, and countless with broader scopes that include parts of Tolkien studies: fantasy literature, Medieval studies, Christian theology, world-building, and so forth. Again, it’s our hope to on-goingly list all specifically Tolkienian articles in peer-reviewed journals, as well as all articles and reviews in Tolkien-related periodicals (peer-reviewed or not), as they are issued. We will also steadily work our way back through time to include earlier articles and publications.…

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